Why Laughter Yoga?

“The goal in laughter yoga is to build a daily habit and bring more laughter into your life,” Greene explained. “It could be laughing in traffic and it could be laughing while cleaning the house. The more you laugh, the more you’re able to laugh at whatever life brings.”

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Here is a thoughtful article from William B. Strean PhD, discussing laughter from the clinical point of view.

“It might be time to start giving more credence to positive views about laughter, such as that laughter might reduce stress and improve natural killer cell activity.”

The famous saying is that laughter is the best medicine. Why is that? Here are the top benefits of laughing.

via Why laughter is the best medicine — When Women Inspire

11 Scientific Benefits of Having a Laugh

“The American Heart Association recommends laughter for a healthy heart, adding that research has shown laughter promotes reduced artery inflammation and increased production of HDL, or “good” cholesterol.”

Depression and Laughter Yoga:  read about it HERE


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