Leader Training

I became certified to teach Laughter Yoga while training in India with the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria.  I am grateful for how teaching Laughter Yoga has helped me grow in confidence and has helped me meet many joyful new friends who share my passion for holistic healing. 

I will invite you to a Leader Training class!

Training Dates and Times:

There will be new dates scheduled when the Pandemic subsides. In the meantime, I can train you privately to be a laughter yoga leader. Email me for details.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to join the event?

Minimum age is 16 years old.  There are no maximum age limits.

You do not need mats or special clothing. Just bring yourself.

What will the session cover?

People become Laughter Yoga Leaders to deepen their practice. Training takes two joy filled days of learning with other like-minded individuals. We will learn the history of the practice, the benefits,  basic steps and how to open a session. We will learn different applications of the practice: with senior citizens, in health care settings, with well individuals, with children and in corporations. By the end of the second day, you will be confident in your abilities to guide a hasyayoga* class.

What can I do with my training?

Once you have trained, you will be prepared to run your own class. Current Laughter Yoga leaders can come to training sessions and take refresher classes just to stay current and enjoy a weekend of fun.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email me at Lisa@laughteryoganyc.org or call or text me at 917-270-9508


“… Lisa has such an easy calming way that it ‘gives permission’ to everyone who is in her session to just be where ever they are and bring that to the session. I have a lot to learn yet, but as Lisa has encouraged us, just do it, and I believe things will fall into place a little easier each time. ….”  from student Dori Persson

“… Just got certified to Lead Laughter Yoga. Lisa was the teacher. She and the course was amazing. Highly recommend everything about Laughter Yoga.”   from Donna Bernstein, student in the April 2018 training — Yoga and mindfulness teacher, nutritionist, health coach

My focus is on helping people connect and use laughter to bring more peace, joy, and connection into their everyday lives. Join me!

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