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the best medicine in these strange times

Laughter yoga, once again in the news! Enjoy this excellent article by Pat Fitzpatrick from The Irish Examiner: Only When I Laugh: How Laughing Helps Your Health photo credit: Irish Examiner

Down in the dumps? Laughing might be the answer

Elizabeth Gulino, a popular staff writer on health and wellness for Refinery29, took a look at my NYC Laughter Yoga classes. She nicely captured the fun side of the practice as well as the documented benefits to laughter. Read her piece at


Join us via Zoom ID # 707 108 1266 every Wednesday at 5:30pm!!

lAUGHTER yOGA: aN aNTIDOTE to isolation

The Sunday Times of London published this article yesterday. Check it out!


Good morning everyone;I am glad I have this community to laugh with throughout our current situation. It can help us connect with each other and have some time and space to feel better. Please use this link for upcoming meetings. Monday/Wednesday/Fridays at 5:30pm! See… Continue Reading “UPDATED ZOOM INFORMATION AND LAUGHTER MEETINGS”

It’s a strange time

We are in the midst of history, unfortunately. These days are times we will hopefully look back upon and sigh, with relief that we transcended the challenges and grew even stronger. Now, however while we are in it, we must share our hope with… Continue Reading “It’s a strange time”

Professional Development for Teachers and other Educators

Stress and burnout are common for teachers and other school personnel. Limited supplies, low pay, large classes, unsupportive families and administrations that are bound by rules and regulations contribute to this. There have been walkouts recently in LA and Denver by teachers to protest… Continue Reading “Professional Development for Teachers and other Educators”

440 Lafayette Street is a wonderful space to laugh in. The building is all rehearsal studios and theatrical spaces. It is filled with young energy. Our room, 3F has a piano, lots of room and a good vibe. Hope to see you this Wednesday… Continue Reading “”

Another New Space Found

We have yet another new space for our club!!! For the rest of November, we will be meeting at Playwrights Downtown, at 440 Lafayette Street in suite 3F! This is just below Astor Place. This is a rental space and classes will be $10… Continue Reading “Another New Space Found”

From an interview with Dr. Kataria:

Laughter yoga helps remove the baggage of the past. It is like a psychological release of emotions. When you laugh without a reason you become more mindful, flexible and open.      

Yoga is connecting

As I always say, “yoga” means “to connect”.  It can be with God, with your own spirit, with Nature, or one of the other creatures who share our world. Enjoy!

New Laughter Yoga Leader Training

To greet the spring, on April 7th and 8th, there will be a laughter yoga training in Manhattan. The class features 16 hours of instruction and hands on practice for an in-depth embrace of the practice. When complete, you will be prepared to lead… Continue Reading “New Laughter Yoga Leader Training”

Snow is nothing to laugh about… or is it? Church laughter postponed to March 10th

Hillsdale is getting a late winter storm with an expected 6-12 inches of snow. Power outages throughout the county are rampant. To keep everyone off the roads and safe, the Laughter Yoga session originally scheduled for March 3rd will be postponed until March 10th… Continue Reading “Snow is nothing to laugh about… or is it? Church laughter postponed to March 10th”

Laughter Yoga – Great Therapy For Depression

We are already aware that Laughter Yoga is a great exercise routine that alleviates depression and generates a positive mental attitude. Here is a report of a psychiatrist in Michigan City, who gave due credit to laughter therapy, as being a major reason for… Continue Reading “Laughter Yoga – Great Therapy For Depression”

Four new Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders are born!

What a wonderful enriching experience it was- my first opportunity to use the skills i have been honing to teach people how to use the tools of this practice to create joy. Aided by one gentleman who was taking this as a refresher, and… Continue Reading “Four new Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders are born!”

The more you practice, the easier it becomes…

The Glenholme School Parents weekend


Laughter Yoga at the Omega Institute

India and Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

INTRODUCTION I started doing laughter yoga almost two years ago. It was a lucky accident that has changed my life. My yoga class at the rec center changed its time and i could not leave work early enough to get there. The internet pointed… Continue Reading “India and Laughter Yoga Teacher Training”

Why is there Happy Hour?

and not, say,  “Happy Day?” There is something called Science of Happiness. People want to understand what is necessary to have more of this elusive thing. Components of happiness include gratitude, altruism, and connections with other humans. Laughter yoga helps provide the connectivity and… Continue Reading “Why is there Happy Hour?”