Category: The benefits of laughter

Harvard Business Review praises laughter

Click HERE for a terrific piece by Harvard Business Review¬† — “Laughter Will Keep Your Team Connected – Even While You’re Apart”. Author J. Stewart Black discusses the impact of isolation and social distancing on our laughter. “Normally people laugh about 18 times per… Continue Reading “Harvard Business Review praises laughter”

A short listen: Interview with Lisa

Journalism and sociology student at NYU, Alejandra Arevalo, recently interviewed me as part of a school project. I think she did a terrific job — what do you think of this brief audio piece?

Laughter Yoga in action!

I am excited to share this! I was interviewed, and they filmed some fun segments from my class. If you wanted to know what a Laughter Yoga class looks like, here you go! Click here for brief video