New Laughter Yoga Leader Training announced for New York City

Celebrate the spring thaw with deepened laughter yoga practice. There will be a new laughter yoga training session on April 7th and 8th in Manhattan.

Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where we laugh without jokes, humor or comedy. We combine yoga breathing with stretching, clapping, moving and laughter exercises to increase joy, elevate mood, and create a deeper connection with our selves and with others.

Laughter Yoga started 22 years ago in a park in Mumbai, and is now actively practiced in thousands of laughter clubs in over 72 countries.

Laughter yoga is a way for anyone to help move the needle on their own health and happiness. As an addition to other forms of yoga, therapy, gym workouts and spiritual beliefs, laughter yoga has the ability to soften the fight or flight response in people and help them create new senses of well being.

This two day workshop is an intensive introduction to the practice. At the end, you will be prepared to lead groups on your own, or introduce these tools to your own practice. If you are a helping professional, these tools  can be used to help your clients connect with their own embodied psyches. This practice is used with well adults and children, seniors, people living with cancer, people with traumatic brain injury and on and on. Benefits include increased immune system functioning, lowered blood pressure, greater resilience in day-to-day life, better focus at work and home, increased secretion of endorphins and oxytocin, greater social connectedness and more. Finally, Laughter Yoga is fun.

The class will run from 9am-5pm with breaks. Tuition is $295. There is a reduced fee of $150 for full time students and seniors, and $100 for refreshers. The class will take place at 7th Avenue and 53rd street in Manhattan. Contact me for additional information or to sign up.

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