Why is there Happy Hour?

and not, say,  “Happy Day?”

There is something called Science of Happiness. People want to understand what is necessary to have more of this elusive thing.

Components of happiness include gratitude, altruism, and connections with other humans. Laughter yoga helps provide the connectivity and gratitude. Connections with other humans are a form of altruism.

The founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria would like to accomplish World Peace through Laughter. People cannot be angry and laugh simultaneously.

My goal is to see Laughter Yoga accepted as a legitimate form of yoga offered in Yoga Studios alongside with other more traditional forms of yoga. I see that as a way to spread its benefits more quickly and have people allow for playfulness on a daily basis. Laugther Yoga encourages people to experience their own openness and vulnerability in a safe forum. That is a gift for it to be something accessible and not frightening.



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