Tonight’s group was high impact, high energy!!!

Tonight’s Wednesday laughter Club had a fantastic turnout-a mix of new people, experienced people and old-timers. Believe it or not, I don’t always feel like laughing. It’s like not wanting to go to the gym. You don’t feel like going and you know how great you will feel if you manage to get there in spite of not wanting to.

I am reminded of a YouTube video of Dr. Kataria. He is looking into a bathroom mirror and speaking. He says, ” I really don’t feel like laughing. But I have to- I created laughter yoga, and this is what we do.” He looks in the mirror and says, “Ha.”[Pause] Ha Ha.” This cracks me up. Tonight, after a long weekend and torpid return to work, i lacked the energy for Laughter Yoga. This is when one really needs it!

What a surprise! About 6 people from Beth Bongar’s “Breath of Ha” workshop at the JCC joined our class. They had enjoyed her workshop and were happy to learn a weekly laughter club in Manhattan was available! An older gentleman joined us, who has been in laughter yoga classes since Vishwa Prakash started them in his textile studio many years ago. This gentleman was a trained laughter yoga leader. The dynamics of laughter include connections people make with each other. New people stimulate different energies and the connections are kinetic!! Through this electricity, people gain new insights into their own selves, even in the stillness that comes between laughs. The group lasted close to an hour and a half- more than usual. There is a sense of friendly intimacy through innocent playfulness. People come willing to risk and be open and see what happens. They set aside their judgements, or experience and meet their judgements and look at them from a new vantage point. People leave just a little lighter and a little different than when they came in. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. We practiced some lovingkindness meditations for people in our lives. I want to thank everyone who joined in tonight.

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