Gould Farm

I returned to Gould Farm today for a laughter yoga session with residents and staff. The session was marked by hilarity, real and intentional.  All but one of today’s group had laughed with me before last month. The group remembered some of the exercises and seemed to like the familiarity with what was coming.

The new person noticed that during some of the laughter, he felt close to tears. That can be a byproduct of laughter yoga: by “un-numbing” ourselves and getting close to our feelings, we open ourselves up to other feelings inside of us. Deep breathing (pranyana) helps us calm ourselves. When we realize we can live with all of these feelings, there is an ownership, joy and new feelings of presence that arise.

There is a standard exercise in our Wednesday night group: “milking the cow.” We started to do it. The Gould Farm has actual cows, and members of the group were experienced milkers! I learned that nowadays, people put a contraption onto the cow that milks it for you! I don’t know if we can continue to do our Wednesday night milking the cow as we’ve been doing it.

The last time we were together, the group was more than twice as large as today. Some participants felt freer to laugh today in the more intimate group, while others thought the larger group was more conducive to laughing. We set another tentative date for Sunday May 28th, during the Memorial Day weekend.

There was a vase with beautiful forsythias and pink blossoms of some kind. I admired their beauty. As a gift, one of the residents brought me a vase from her room, so i could collect some forsythia and bring them home with me. I felt honored and touched by her generosity.

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